Physician's Skin Solutions

Pamela J. Stuart, M.D.

15585 Monterey St., Suite B

Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Skin Rejuvenation

Cosmetic Skin Consultation

Dr. Pamela Stuart provides a comprehensive cosmetic skin consultation on all patients. Your individualized skin care needs will be identified and a skin profile will be created. We will assess the level of damage that your skin has received and detect pigment and textural abnormalities caused by the damaging effects of the sun and time. With the treatment programs available at Physician's Skin Solutions, we will help restore your skin to a healthy state and discuss opportunities for improving and solving problem areas.


Before you consider major reconstructive surgery, explore the latest medical discoveries and options that are now available through Dr. Stuart. Most procedures require little to no down time, and can be done over your lunch hour. We pride ourselves in our ability to pamper you as well as provide options for real improvement. Feel good about your decision to restore your skin to its youthful appearance by working closely with Dr. Stuart to solve your individualized skin needs.